TVOCC Past Competitions

2013 to 2019

This page shares the winning images from our year end club competitions.

We’d like to recognize the contribution of Ted Dawson. Ted is a professional photographer and he has judged our year end competition since 1979.

Click on the individual images in the gallery groups to see larger versions.

May 2019

Best in Show

Who Actually Wins” – Faye Preston

May 2018

Best in Show

Summer’s End” – Warren Pearson

May 2017

Best in Show

Bring Back the Bees” – Kara Turcotte

May 2016

Best in Show

Range” – Barb Larson

May 2015

Best in Show

Waiting” – Faye Preston

May 2014

Best in Show

Another Day” – Barb Larson

May 2013

Best in Show

Fishing” – Barb Larson

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