May 2021 Scavenger Hunt

As our final event of the year, Barb Larson organized a “Scavenger Hunt” outing. We had 2 hours to take images for the categories shown below. Most of these were shot in Black Diamond – but not all.

1. Something Old
2. A Reflection
3. An Animal or Bird
4. Image with a Shallow Depth of Field
5. Image with Motion
6. Closeup Showing Texture
7. Man Made Unique Object
8. Image with Complimentary Colours

The images from our Scavenger Hunt are shown below. We each kept one image to submit as our Assignment at our September 2021 meeting. Click on any image to see full size and use arrows to move right and left through the slideshow.

We all had fun with this – we’ll have to do it again. And special thanks to Barb for organizing.

We hope you enjoy the images.

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